Automatic monitoring system

As a new development in our product range we would like to offer an automated monitoring system using Trovan ® identification technology. The system can be applied both for scientific projects and for the commercial purposes.

The fundamental importance of statistics in scientific disciplines such as biology, ecology, etc., logically leads to search for new ways to simplify the collecting and storing of large volumes of data.

According to the already completed or still running projects, our system is still more utilized option.

of using the system:

  • monitoring of animal movement
  • monitoring of territorial behavior and behavioral
  • identification of vehicle parts/things

The parameters that
the system complies with:

  • reliable and functionality
  • resistance to bad weather conditions
  • variability of use
  • collecting of large data amounts in a simple format (time and date, including unique identifier)

The basic components are:

  • stationary decoders
  • antennae
  • transponders
  • registration software

(System can be adjusted individually to your needs, including supplements.)